Lone Star Series


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For quality and value as big as Texas. Therapy that is strong enough for sore muscles but gentle on the budget. Texas pride goes into all of our spas, but the Sunbelt Spas Lone Star Series holds a special place in our hearts.

Lone Star Series Standard Features

  • Smart Spa Controls
  • Sunblaster Stainless Steel Screw-in Bearingless Jets
  • Corona Discharge Ozone System
  • 50 Sq. Ft. Top Load Skim Filter with Floating Weir
  • Deluxe Pillows in Bucket Seats and Lounges
  • Synthetic Under lip Skirting and ABS Plastic BottomPan
  • 4” to 2” UL Locking Safety Cover
  • Reverse Molded Therapy Neck Collar



Lone Star LS300

A 20 jet, 230 gallon spa that seats 4. Click for more information…

Lone Star LS400

Slightly larger than the LS300, the 275 gallon LS400’s features fit perfectly into the average user’s lifestyle. Click for more information…

Lone Star LS500

A 25 jet, 350 gallon spa with room for 5. Click for more information…

Lone Star LS550

One of the only circular spa options from Lone Star, this 300 gallon, 20 jet tub comfortably seats 5. Click for more information…

Lone Star LS700

A large, 25 jet, 425 gallon option from Lone Star that seats a party of 7. Click for more information…

Lone Star LS800

Lone Star’s largest option, the LS800 holds 500 gallons and blasts 25 jets into a party of up to 8. Click for more information…